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Interactive game device

Design of Interactive Game Equipment Based on Input-Process-Output (IPO) Model

Users learn “How to Use” during the game

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Internet of Things



Limited by the size of the field, for effective long-distance communication, wired communication will be used.

The design threshold of wireless communication is higher than that of wired communication. In order to make the interactive game device multi-device and long-distance communication, a piece of integrated long-distance wireless communication, battery management, HMI expansion, Arduino and other functions was designed.

Sensor / Actuator

IPO系統分為 感測 過程 輸出,為了使無線裝置可以互動控制,因此在定義裝置角色就顯得重要




The IPO system is divided into sensing, process, and output. In order to enable interactive control of wireless devices, it is important to define the role of the device

The output device is designed as an actuator (Actuator)

The sensing device is designed as a sensor (Sensor)

Free for Education


I have a Youtube channel, free to teach how to use Arduino, sensor module and Actuator