Temperature and Humidity Sensor System





Temperature and humidity are basic environmental information. When the sensing environment is located in a large area (chicken coop, greenhouse, farm), using wired or short-distance wireless devices (Bluetooth, WiFi) requires a lot of cost to realize it. In order to realize the characteristics of multi-point and arbitrarily moving in a large range, the wireless broadcast communication function of the IOT system board is used to realize the long-distance communication function.

The use of the IOT system board can realize the function of long-distance (2KM) and wireless broadcast communication, and the use of the wireless broadcast mechanism can achieve within the receiving range, and multi-party communication can be realized without device pairing.

Four IOT system boards are used in the project, three of which are used for sensing and control, and one is used for the human-machine interface to display real-time information and control the output function of specific devices

Data Collectino


The broadcast communication function can achieve multi-chip system boards to communicate and use at the same time. In the demonstration, three IOT system boards are used to sense temperature and humidity and send them out in the form of wireless broadcast signals, including data encoding and CRC verification functions

Final Thoughts


The LED in the lower left corner of the video is the indicator light that the signal is received and the CRC verification is passed, and the information on the HMI is updated in real time

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