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scottbez1在github上開源了他的split flap 裝置,常見的split flap都是固定式的,在同意個地方翻頁顯示,我希望可以將split flap與我製作的IOT系統板結合,實現物聯網的功能,而完成這個擴充設計

scottbez1 open-sourced his split flap device on github. The common split flaps are all fixed, and they can be flipped to display in the agreed place. I hope that the split flap can be combined with the IOT system board I made to realize the function of the Internet of Things. , and to complete this extended design

Flap Font make

首先遇到的問題就是顯示畫面的問題,在scottbez1分享的影片中展出了使用英文數字膠片貼片的方式完成畫面的製作,但這樣的方法不能自訂畫面的圖樣,我希望可以有一隻柴犬出現在我split flap 其中一個畫面中,這是市售的英文數字膠片貼紙達不到的效果


The first problem I encountered was the problem of the display screen. In the video shared by scottbez1, it is shown that the English digital film patching method is used to complete the screen production, but this method cannot customize the screen pattern. I hope to have a Shiba Inu Appeared in one of the screens of my split flap, which is an effect that commercially available English digital film stickers cannot achieve

The solution I proposed is to use a rake cutting machine to cut the required text, and then use the rake cutting machine to cut the shape of the page after painting the color.

Final Thoughts

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