Coin Acceptor




In Taiwan, coins are the most used thing. Common Taiwanese coins are 50, 10, 5, 1 yuan

If I want to digitize the currency value on the device, the first thing that comes to mind is the coin-operated machine, but the coin-operated machine is expensive, so I want to design the coin-operated device in my own way




The coin size of Taiwan dollars is 2mm apart, so it is difficult to detect it with existing sensors, such as infrared sensors.

In this project, the photosensitive diode is used to obtain the value generated by the number of covered sensors that the coin rolls over the sensing range, and the size difference of the coin is read in this way

PCB layout and soldering

並且利用tinkerCad模擬電路的狀況後,並將電路輸出PCB Layout,在將PCB電路板焊接完成感測器系統

And use tinkerCad to simulate the situation of the circuit, and output the circuit to PCB Layout, and complete the sensor system after soldering the PCB circuit board



After completion, assemble the circuit board and the coin channel to complete the coin sensing device

Final Thoughts

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