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In 2012, I participated in a Mayday concert. At that time, I was stimulated by the interactive technology experience that the entire concert site could be controlled synchronously. Therefore, I thought about how to design an interactive structure with the same function in a similar way in my works. Feeling at the concert scene, you can feel that the control of the music and the LED light is not synchronized, and it is roughly determined to be manual control. Generally speaking, the manual controller controls the wireless broadcast transmitter, and the User’s terminal receives this. signal, change the color of the LED

Data Collectino


透過Arduino 編碼程式,透過開頭的文字R(Red),G(green),B(Blue),W(white)顯示相對應的顏色


  • Arduino
  • RF mode

利用Arduino接收解碼RF receive module data 將相對應的顏色透過RGB LED 顯示

The broadcast communication method is not unfamiliar, and the wireless walkie-talkie also uses the broadcast method to communicate, so I thought that this wireless communication module can be used to realize this application

Through the Arduino coding program, the corresponding color is displayed through the beginning of the text R (Red), G (green), B (Blue), W (white)

The circuit contains

  • Arduino
  • RF mode

Use Arduino to receive and decode RF receive module data and display the corresponding color through RGB LED

Final Thoughts



影片中展示的是兩顆LED client device ,同步無線控制,理論上只要在接收範圍可以無限顆LED client device同步動作

Assemble the board with the translucent lampshade

Capture results at the same time as the film with the broadcast emission module that shows the sequence and time in coded colors.

The video shows two LED client devices with synchronous wireless control. In theory, as long as they are within the receiving range, unlimited LED client devices can act synchronously

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