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The process of dismantling time bombs is often seen in movies. The dismantling process is exciting and interesting, but bombs are not used in games. How to design to safely and completely experience the game experience of dismantling time bombs?

First of all, the method of dismantling the time bomb in the movie is mostly to cut a specific wire to stop the countdown. If you cut the wrong wire, it may speed up the timing, or directly return to zero. The condition for detonating the bomb is that the countdown is reset to zero at the same time.

circuit design


然而最重要的”炸彈”該怎麼呈現呢? 有一種用於慶祝的東西,但是他在使用的時候會發射出大量的彩帶還有爆破的聲音,他就是拉炮,他保留了爆炸的聲響、難清理的後果,還有觸發條件,因此選用拉炮來作為炸彈效果的應用物品。

Therefore, I designed three wires in the design, and randomly assigned one of the functions of the wires (stop the countdown, count down to zero, and accelerate the countdown) to present the game experience of dismantling

But how should the most important “bomb” be presented? There is something for celebration, but when it is used, it will emit a lot of streamers and the sound of explosion. He is a cracker, he retains the sound of explosion, Difficult to clean up consequences, as well as trigger conditions, so crackers are chosen as the application items for the bomb effect.

Final Thoughts

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