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I discovered a powerful business method when I was eating conveyor belt sushi. The merchant uses the method that the user puts the sushi plate into the recycling channel, and every five plates can participate in the lucky draw of the game. The winner can get a gashapon as a reward. Use this method It allows users to tidy up the table and count the number of meals for easy pricing, which saves the labor cost of the merchant and brings a commercial topic.




I found that providing a reward mechanism can allow users to actively complete boring things while gaining happiness.

Current rush stick, he is a game that must move along the direction of the wire, but cannot touch the wire, it requires a lot of concentration, but it is also quite boring

This boring game will become more interesting when the reward mechanism is combined. Therefore, combining the game experience of the electric rush stick with the reward mechanism of the gashapon machine can create an interesting project

Game mechanics




成功碰觸起點觸點,並且完成線段的前進,同時為碰觸到任何導線框架,最終碰觸完成觸點,當完成這項遊戲機制的設定後,會觸發獎勵機制Motivation System

There are quite a few types of electric current jig sticks on the market, and I choose one of them as the base to modify it

The game mechanism of the current rush stick, first touch the contact switch at the starting point and then advance along the set track, then complete the progress of the line without touching the conductive frame, and finally touch the completed contact switch to complete the entire game experience.

If you touch the conductive frame during the process, it will give a vibrating tactile feedback

Successfully touch the starting point, and complete the progress of the line segment. At the same time, touch any wire frame, and finally touch the completion point. After completing the setting of this game mechanism, the reward mechanism Motivation System will be triggered

Motivation System




The uncertainty of the content of the gashapon will stimulate the user’s impulse to obtain the desired content, but the gashapon machine has become the choice of the reward mechanism

Using the servo motor to drive the rotation angle and speed, and with the cooperation of the mechanical structure, the servo motor can complete the discharge of one gashapon and prevent the next gashapon from falling out continuously during one rotation.

However, the most difficult design is the single ejection of the gashapon, which requires the cooperation of the mechanical structure. In the work, two quarter-circle screening mechanisms are used. The upper plate is used to prevent the continuous falling of the gashapon. The lower plate It is the function of controlling whether to discharge gashapons, but the synchronous control of the upper and lower disks completes the function of a single machine that can discharge a gashapon at a time.

Final Thoughts

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