Elementary School Maker Education Course

在課程中,導入了Project-Based Learning教導小學生學習Input-Process-Output (IPO) Model,並且利用Arduino實現

課程利用BlockDuino積木式程式,降低小學生對於程式入門的恐懼,並且教導各種輸入與輸出元件,例如:溫溼度感測器、RGB LED、OLED、按鈕開關


In the course, Project-Based Learning was introduced to teach primary school students to learn the Input-Process-Output (IPO) Model, and it was implemented with Arduino

The course uses the BlockDuino building block program to reduce elementary school students’ fear of getting started with programming, and teaches various input and output components, such as: temperature and humidity sensors, RGB LEDs, OLEDs, push button switches

In the end, primary school students developed ideas through design and formed teams to complete interactive works. Among them, students completed interactive works such as shooting machines and lighting effect speakers

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