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Electronic creation requires a variety of components to assemble, but there are too many types of components and it may be difficult to find specific components. Therefore, storage boxes are used to pack each part and mark the type of parts for easy identification.

However, when there are hundreds of parts, it becomes difficult to use the eyes to find a specific label, and even when each storage cabinet is placed in a different position, this causes trouble in finding it.

I proposed a way to use the RF broadcasting function of the IOT system board to display and manage multiple storage cabinets. After the HMI specifies the required components, the storage cabinet will display lights to indicate the position and number of parts.

Data Collectino

透過系統版可以將HMI與Arduino結合,將按壓資訊轉換成字串並進行資訊驗證運算,將組合字串(設備名稱,設備編號,收納櫃格數,顯示顏色,CRC驗證)以無線廣播的方式傳至八個收納櫃,即時以RGB LED燈條顯示按壓物品的位置。

Through the system version, you can combine HMI with Arduino, convert the pressing information into a string and perform information verification calculation, and send the combined string (device name, device number, number of storage cabinets, display color, CRC ) to wireless broadcasting Send it to eight storage cabinets, and instantly display the position of the pressed item with an RGB LED light strip.

Final Thoughts


Finally, in this project, nine system boards were used for wireless broadcast communication (eight in the storage cabinet and one in the human-machine interface), realizing an instant and fast parts search system.

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