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When the robot arm reconfigures the tool head, it often uses the way of line connection to control the function of the tool head, but this design method will cause trouble when replacing small tool equipment

Therefore, it is designed to use the IOT system board to construct a tool head system for a robotic arm system

Data Transmitter Collectino

利用ABB Robot的數位輸出接頭輸出訊號,將此訊號經由IOT系統板發送RF廣播通訊,驅動特定工具頭觸發工作

Use the digital output connector of ABB Robot to output the signal, and send the signal to RF broadcast communication through the IOT system board to drive the specific tool head to trigger the work

Data receiver Collectino


Use the steel bar locking head for modification, combine with the IOT system board, use the IOT system board to receive communication data, and trigger the action of the tool head

Final Thoughts

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